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Artist's Biography

Coming from a career in Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasonics, I have a strong interest in images produced by the application of various scientific methods, From this developed an appreciation of both the content of these images and their relevance medically and historically. My early work focused on monochrome photography and alternative printing techniques and I have used these mediums over a number of years to explore the interaction of natural and man made forms within their environment.

The still life photography of Australian artist John Kauffman and the work of the painter, Morandi, have been influential in my work. Kauffman's moody brooding images give life and depth and a certain presence to still life forms. Morandi's simplicity of form and the inherent dignity with which he imbues ordinary objects have challenged me to pursue these ideas in my own medium. His judicious use of reduced primary colours has led me to experiment with a reduced palette which I have used to change the context of natural forms, much as Andy Goldsworthy might do with his sculptural work. All images are drawn from natural and found objects.

My current work, "CHRONOS", explores our attempts to come to terms with life experience in the context of eternity. In a compelling manner and by ingenious means we seek to explore, map and measure our time and environment. By so doing we attempt to classify and compartmentalise our world and define its limits and from this we draw security and some satisfaction. We have conquered the unknown. But our efforts, prompted and tempered by life and experience, are frozen in time and define our brief and finite existence. They are dwarfed by the perspective of eternity.

Time passes and our environment changes. The question remains – What will be the harvest of our endeavours?

The capsule of our life's work maps in a temporal way our interface with eternity.